Wax Products

Bihar Chemical Corporation converts slack wax into the best quality refined paraffin wax. It streamed into commercial production in the seventies. It is among the oldest wax refining plant in the country and is functioning till date. The group has wax refining facilities at four different places. We are not looking at converting one of this unit into a bio fuel manufacturing unit.

Slack Wax
Slack Wax is a by-product derived from processing of crude oil. It is a mixture of liquid, soft and hard hydrocarbons. This is the product from which paraffin wax is further manufactured. After deoiling soft and hard paraffin fractions are received; they are of various properties such as melting point, oil content and penetration.

Paraffin Wax
The refined wax is called paraffin, which comes from the Latin "parum = few or without" and "affinis = connection or attraction (affinity)". Basically there are few substances that will chemically react with or bind to this type of wax.
There are three main grade of paraffin wax: Fully refined, semi-refined and scale. These differ mainly by the degree to which entrapped oil has been removed during refining and by its color. The Bereau of Indian Standards classifies it as Grade I, Grade II and Grade III. We manufacuture Grade III Paraffin.  

The major use of Paraffin Wax is for candle manufacture. The other uses are for manufacture of Tarpaulin and wax papers..