Towers And Structures

Recognizing the tremendous importance and thrust given by the Government to infrastructure development in the field of power generation and electrification of Railway, the group entered into manufacturing of Towers & Structures for Telecom, Substation, Railway, OHE 2008.

The installed capacity is 24000 MTPY. It is one of the largest facilities of its kind in this part of the country. It is equipped with modern machineries for straightening, drilling, punching and automated temperate controlled galvanizing bath, beside its own state of art testing facilities and R & D Center.

The manufacturing site is located at Barauni Industrial Area (Bihar) which is very well connected with National Highways and Railways. Nearest Airport is Patna at a distance of 130 KM and nearest sea port is Haldia which is around 550 KM. Consequently, we are counted among prominent Transmission Tower Manufacturers and Substation Structures Exporters in India.

Fabrication Facilities
Fabrication is an important factor of design for the quality of tower. If fabrication of tower is not proper then structural capacity of the tower may be reduced considerably. For instance if distance between two holes in a member is less than required (by say 5 mm), then this member will have to be fitted forcefully. After forceful fitment, this member will exert a tremendous force on members to which it is attached. This force is over and above the forces which will be generated by external loads. Hence this member has been effectively reduced in strength to extend it is experiencing forces in no external load condition. If several members are fitted in this forceful manner then effective strength of tower will be reduced. Another instance would be that of holes for bolts being made larger than required then effective strength of bolts will be reduced by 15%.

The fabrication shop is well equipped with modern machines. It gives consistently accurate fabrication quality as these are operated by skilled man power. Provisions are made for fully mechanized material handling & operations with cranes, hoists and electric trolleys.

Galvanizing Facilities
The Hot Dip Galvanizing is a corrosion protection process. The research and practical experience have established that the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel reinforcement is superior to uncoated steel and any other type of protective measures. The corrosion protection by the galvanized coating ensures that the design strength of concrete is maintained and the possibility of surface rust staining and eventual corrosion of reinforcement of concrete are removed.

The Hot Dip Galvanizing Process is carried out in temperature controlled Galvanizing bath. Our state of the art Oil - Fired Hot - Dip Galvanizing Plant, complete with heat pumping unit, flame proof - type flow heater, self proportioning burner, centrifugal blowers and Heat resisting cover with pickling, rinsing, pre-fluxing and quenching (running water) tank and Zinc Kettle, ensures that the finished product confirms to international standards and is strictly as per IS 2629, IS 4759 and our customer requirements. The pretreatment of steel is effectively handled with chemicals to minimize effluents. The control treatment includes degreasing, pickling and fluxing for an ideal reaction between steel and zinc.

The preheating chambers ensure uniform drying and preheating of steel to give an excellent surface finish and uniform coating of zinc.

The waste acids and chemicals treated as per all applicable environment standards.

Product List
Design, Fabrication and galvanizing of

  • Fabricated and Galvanized Steel Structures
  • Galvanized Sub Station Structure
  • Transmission Line Structures
  • Microwave Towers
  • All type of galvanized steel structures for Railway Electrification.
  • Fabricated Electrical Accessories (Black & Galvanized)

    The transmission line tower factories also supply hot dip galvanized products like wind energy structures and metal beam crash barriers for highways.