PSCC Electricity Poles

Bihar Concrete manufactures Pre Stressed Cement Concrete Poles of 8 Meters 200 Kgs as per Rural Electrification of India Designs. The plant was started way back in the nineties. The group manufacturers PSCC Poles in Barauni and Saharsa and has an annual production of nearly 50 000 Poles. This plant is designed in a way that the production could be doubled on demand.

Cement Poles require low maintenance and are affordable. It is considered superior to steel or wood for use in utility of lighting and communications. The installation is not only cheaper but also faster compared to poles of other materials.

The group has been manufacturing inter locking tiles for various customers as per their specific requirements. There is a host of options to choose from.  They have a distinctive look and suit almost any architect. The major users are the State Government for footpaths, Railways for its platforms, Petrol Bunks, Hotels etc. The major advantage is that a single tile could be easily replaced without having to remove a any other part of the flooring.

The group supplies poles to the State Electricity Board, IVRCL Infrastructure and Project Ltd, Power Grid, Vijai Electricals Limited, Kalpataru and to other buyers.