commerce diversifié

Diversified International Trading remains a core part of our business. We constantly endeavor to find ways and methods to improve efficiency, source and manufacture at lower costs without compromising on the quality and enter into long term agreement with shippers to get better quotes.

A lot of our foreign buyers had various trade needs. They wanted us to source various goods, commodities and services for them and wanted us to act as a one stop solution to all their sourcing needs. They intended to strategically take advantage of India as a reliable yet low cost manufacturing hub. They would choose us based on our global perspective combined with the local market knowledge and perhaps our ability and willingness to offer tailor made solutions to each client. We simplify the complexities of international trade transactions, and are sensitive to uniqueness of cultures and trade practices. Based on this we made diversified trading activities to proactively respond to the demands of the worldwide market place as a part of our core business. We endeavor to source goods at lower costs.

We encourage large consumers of goods and commodities to begin importing goods themselves. It could translate into huge savings year on year. We have noticed that medium size customers find it easier to pick commodities locally. To cater to their requirements we have endeavored to set up ware houses in certain geographical locations and partner business houses to provide us warehousing facilities.  The Southern African markets could be catered from our ware house in South Africa.  We are also pressing hard on the Ministry of Commerce to provide such facilities to Indian Exports to make sourcing needs of our international friends a lot easier.

India as a country has always had a reputation wherein foreign capital is respected by business houses and our courts. This is helped the international community prefer us over other favorable sourcing destination. It is also a case wherein everyone benefits. Imports not only lower local prices but also improve quality standards locally.  

We could source wide range of goods from chemicals to consumer goods. Our extensive trading portfolio includes fresh fruits, processed food, wheat and flour, coals, minerals, aluminum ingots, titanium sponge, coils and sheets, bananas, tires, non ferrous metals, chemicals, textiles, other agriculture and marine products, sulphuric acids for phosphate industry, activated char, carbon black feedstock, metallurgic coke, crude benzene, wool yarns, sporting goods, bicycles, cookware, surgical instruments, coffee, sugar, milk powder, rice, malted barley, frozen fish, man hole covers, dried tomato, steel bars, steel billets, graphite electrode, iron ore, steel rail, welded equipments, insecticides, transmission towers, sub stations, hand pumps, pipes etc.

Our primary focus market remains Southern Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan. We are also trying to diversify into European, American and Canadian markets.

Adam Smith, in wealth of nations rightly justified the invention of money which did away with barter system. However we are big fans of the barter system which goes well beyond the traditional activity of buying and selling. Based on our mutual benefits and requirements we are happy to exchange goods and services in lieu of payments of our exports.

We look forward to being your partner in international trade.