About us

We are a diversified manufacturing and trading group in eastern India. We manufacture transmission line towers, railway electrification towers, hand pumps, Poles, PSCC inter locking concrete cement tiles and paraffin wax. We are also involved in the diversified trade in a range of goods and commodities including large Industrial supplies.



We are an ISO certified company, have licenses from the Office of Indian standards, UNICEF and the Standards Organization of Nigeria.



Our galvanizing plant among the largest in the country which is equipped with a bath ten meters long. There is a house in the state of the art laboratory where different tests can be carried out by established standards. Our products have been inspected by many renowned inspection agencies like Crown, SGS, rituals, Bureau of South African standards, etc.



The company has manufactured and AAC ACSR (aluminum conductors) which, if put into straight lines can transmit electricity from the north pole to the south pole three parallel transmission lines. The company has traded with almost all Indian State Electricity Boards, the power grid, Indian Railways, coal mines and many electric utilities.


We HAD-have experience of Calcined Petroleum Coke manufacturing , qui est is used for aluminum smelters as anodes, the shares of qui-have-been Transferred in a family arrangement partition in 2006.


A Minority Stake Held is being white in a jute manufacturing Facility at Sajanwa, qui est six generation family run company.


Our websites are manufacturing site location is about 120 Kims from Patna (the capital city) and about 550 Kms from Haldia (the to closest sea port). The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar Mr HAS humbled us with an award for HAVING contributed to the industrial development of the state of Bihar.


We are now looking at Expanding overseas operations and forming joint ventures with companies in similar businesses Involved as bears. It would combines the benefits of a family run business and unite it with the Effectiveness of an international group.