Deepwell Handpump India Mark III VLOM 50

India Mark III Hand pump VLOM 50 manufactured as per IS:15500 / 2004. It is modified version of India Mark III VLOM 65 mm pump where 50 mm diameter G.I. / P.V.C pipes are used instead of 65 mm pipes.

It consists of the following      
• Pump Head with Handle Assembly
• Water Tank Assembly
• Stand Assembly
• Connecting Rod
• Cylinder Assembly
• Riser Pipe of 50 mm (G.I / P.V.C)


• All advantages of India Mark II besides being ...VLOM.

• Lower capital cost due to Riser pipe of 50 mm

• Single Cylinder Assembly with only single gun metal components in each of the valves, hence no tools are required for maintenance of valves

• It can be used for wells of 100 mm dia.