Shallow Well Handpump (Singrur)

This is a simple and Robust C.I. Hand modified by UNICEF by making certain design of Nepal No.6 pump. The plunger uses a moulded PVC Cupseal with two 3 mm disc (Electroplated) and the check Valve is a floating valve system of Nitrile Rubber with M.S. Weight.

It cinsists of following parts :
• Pump base with floating valve
• Pump body
• Pump head with fulcrum
• Handle
• Plunger rod assembly
The pump body is made of cast iron. The piston rod is made of 12mm dia. bright bar, electro-galvanized. The total weight of the complete suction pump is approximately 32kg


• A sliding plate has been provided on the top of the head to prevent water contamination

• Can work upto a depth of 7 meters.

• A low cost pump which gives high discharge.

• Extremely sturdy and capable of withstanding roiugh usage, practically no maintenance even after extensive use.

• Suitable for community water supply.

• Very reliable Valve System and durable PVC Cup seals.

• Maintenance is very simple and requires only basic tools.

• Much higher discharge than any comparable pump