Malawi Treadle Pump

The Afridev Deepwell Handpump has emerged from field trials in Africa and currently its specification is controlled by SKAT, Switzerland. This is also VLOM (Village Level Operation & Maintenance pump) means open top cylender.

We manufacture it as per SKAT 3, SKAT 4 and SKAT 5 revision

• The Above-ground mechanism consists of sturdy Mild Steel (MS) fabricated Pump Head, Handle and Pedestal assemblies, hot dip galvanised for corrosion resistance.

• Bearing bushes for the pivot assemblies are made from injection moulded special grade plastic.

• Variable handle settings are possible to meet changes in static water levels.

• Customisation of spout length and Pedestal is possible.

• Standard below-ground mechanism comprises of 10mm dia., Hot Dip Galvanised connecting rods, 63mm OD PVC Riser pipes with cemented joints and PVC jacketed 50mm ID brass lined cylinder assembly.

• 225mm stroke length of the handle provides a water discharge of 1350 litres per hour with an installation depth range between 15m to 45m below-ground water.

• Easy to install, can be accomplished by village women mechanics.

• Alternative stainless steel lined cylinder available for aggressive water conditions.

• Quick release Eye & Hook tool-less ends on Connecting Rods with rubber centralisers facilitate maintenance and protect the riser pipe against internal wear.

• Special tools for installation & maintenance of Afridev is available.